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North Carolina speed patrol turns up drug charges

Holiday travel is nothing new and certain holidays in particular cater to increased driving. Speed patrols are a popular tactic for law enforcement officers to monitor the roads and catch unsafe drivers during major travel holidays. Although many of these patrols are aimed to catch speeding or drunk driving, some stops can result in additional charges and even arrests.

Over the recent Fourth of July holiday, the North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Operation Firecracker went into effect. Local state agencies participated in the operation. Alamance County worked with local police departments to conduct a highway speed patrol. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol was also involved.

A mobile RV set up in an overflow parking lot of the community college was used as the command center and contained computers and other communication equipment. The county sheriff's office outsourced its detention officers to help process any arrests from the crackdown on the highway

Law enforcement focused on a section of interstate for four hours, starting at 8 p.m. on July 3. The effort led to 180 traffic stops. From those stops, there were 163 charges. The charges included the typical speeding charges and around 20 warning citations. But more surprisingly, the stops also lead to some drug charges and one fugitive arrest. The crackdown lasted through the holiday weekend.

Any defendants who are currently facing drug charges that resulted from a speed patrol are probably considering their criminal defense options. The circumstances surrounding the charges are far from typical. Further, drug possession and other drug charges can carry serious penalties and jail time. It is worth looking into potential violations by the arresting officer if it means a reduced sentence or potentially getting the charges dropped altogether.

Source: The Times-News, "Highway crackdown nets 163 charges," July 5, 2013

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