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What is considered drug paraphernalia in North Carolina?

According to North Carolina state law, the term drug paraphernalia can be ascribed to any tools and equipment that can be fabricated with the intention of being used to infringe the Federal Controlled Substances Act. This can include but is not limited to any sets that are used for the purpose of planting, growing, or harvesting any species of plant which is classified as a controlled substance or from which a controlled substance can be derived.

Drug paraphernalia can also refer to materials and products that can be used to process, test or analyze controlled substances such as test and analysis equipment that can identify or analyze the strength or purity of any controlled substances.

What are my options after I get a traffic ticket?

Often times, when a diver is pulled over, they are concerned about whether they will be cited. When someone is issued a traffic ticket, they have one of two choices. If there is a fine owed they can pay the fine and that will usually take care of the issue. However, if they opt to, they may go to court to contest the ticket or to plead guilty to the charges. If you are able to handle a ticket by paying the associated fees and fines, then that particular offense is normatively referred to as a waivable offense. Opting to pay the associated fees and fines instead of going to court is commonly referred to as waiving the offense.

There are four options to choose from when electing to waive an offense. The associated fine and court fees can be paid online using a credit card. They can also be paid in person using either cash or a certified or cashier's check at the county clerk office where the citation was issued or county magistrate's office. Additionally the payment can be sent via mail to the county clerk office.

What is a public intoxication charge in North Carolina?

Everyone knows, or should know, that driving drunk in North Carolina can lead to a DUI charge. But there are circumstances in which residents could also face charges if they are intoxicated but are not driving. . Some charge of these charges relate to public intoxication.

While North Carolina law doesn't allow for prosecution against people for merely being intoxicated in public, it does provide charges specifically for people who are intoxicated and acting in a disruptive manner in public. According to the statute, disruptive behaviors include blocking or interfering with traffic, blocking or interfering with the access and passage across a sidewalk, and grabbing, shoving, pushing, fighting, cursing, shouting, insulting and begging for money or property.

Understanding the penalties of underage drinking and driving

While some minors in North Carolina are aware of the consequences that exist when an individual breaks the law, they many not fully understand the details of the laws, potential penalties and how a conviction, even as a minor, could impact their life. Therefore, when a minor is accused of underage drinking, they should not only be aware of the laws against it but the penalties they could face if they are charged with underage DWI.

According to North Carolina state laws, the state has a zero tolerance law. This means that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive after consuming alcohol. If a driver is suspected of underage drinking, which occurs when they have a blood alcohol reading above 0.00, they could face serious consequences.

We provide DUI defense for North Carolina drivers

When drivers in North Carolina are pulled over or arrested for suspected drunk driving, they should seek to initiate a defense that will not only protect their reputation, but also reduce the impact the allegations could have on their driving abilities and even their freedom. Our law firm understands how important driving a vehicle is and how losing this privilege could greatly impact an individual's life. Furthermore, we understand the other consequences of a DUI could be very harsh and could be scary to confront.

Drivers who are accused of drunk driving should know their legal rights. Our attorneys can help inform them of those rights. We can also discuss how a slight error in making a stop, conducting a field sobriety tests or administering a blood alcohol test could help a driver get the charges against them reduced or dismissed.

Changes to the analysis of Winston-Salem drunk driving tests

When drivers in North Carolina are accused of DUI, they are often concerned with their defense options. A suspected drunk driver could lose driving privileges and face serious consequences if they are convicted, so it is important that they understand their legal defense options to reduce or eliminate their DUI charge. In addition, being aware of the evidence used against them could help them discredit the evidence, resulting in reduced or even dismissed charges.

According to a recent report, the City of Winston-Salem is one step closer to having the city's DWI and drug evidence tested by a private firm. This change was the result of a backlog at the State Crime Lab, with roughly 120 employees handling all the evidence in the state.

North Carolina man faces felony DUI after three DUI convictions

When drivers in North Carolina are pulled over, the driver's criminal record and driving history will often play a role in what traffic or criminal charges they may face. This is often the case when a driver is suspected of drunk driving and they have previous DUI charges on their record. The accused could face harsher penalties if they are convicted of another DUI. Furthermore, the defense options are often different and more critical for drivers who have previous violations such as drunk driving on their record.

North Carolina police recently arrested a man on suspicion of drunk driving, and now the driver faces a felony charge of driving while impaired. According to preliminary reports, the 26-year-old driver has three misdemeanor DUI convictions on his record and is also facing charges for driving with a suspended license and reckless driving due to the recent incident.

What are the penalties for traffic violations in North Carolina?

Drivers in North Carolina are well aware that there are major offenses and consequences for unsafe driving and causing accidents; however, they may not realize that lesser traffic offenses carry penalties as well. When a driver gets pulled over for a traffic violation, they might not consider how the ticket could affect their driving record and what defense options are available to them.

What are the penalties for traffic violations in North Carolina? Fine amounts have been set for the state's moving violations by the North Carolina's Chief District Court Judges. These violations do not mandate a driver accused of them to appear in court.

What makes a federal drug conspiracy in North Carolina?

When residents of North Carolina are accused of a crime, they should understand how to defend their rights. The first step of this process is becoming familiar with the charges they face. This can help them get a full picture of the situation, the possible penalties they could face and how to construct a strong defense against the charges. With regards to drug crimes, understanding the type of drug and the details of the charges could help a defendant with their defense strategy.

What constitutes a federal drug conspiracy? First, it is important to understand what it means to be involved in a conspiracy. Conspiracy is defined as an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. Those accused of a conspiracy should note that the act of the agreement does not necessarily need to take place or be completed for a conspiracy charge to be made.

Wilmington man faces multiple drug charges

When residents of North Carolina are accused of a crime, they often consider what steps to take to avoid the charge. But when an individual is charged with multiple charges, they might consider developing a strong defense strategy in order to reduce or dismiss some or all of the charges. But in order to accomplish this effort, defendants need to consider all of the details surround their arrest and charges.

Authorities in North Carolina recently arrested a Wilmington man for multiple drug charges. According to reports, an undercover investigation was ongoing against a 28-year-old man. This resulted in authorities in Onslow County arresting the man at an inn recently, after allegations of conducting drug and prostitution activities.

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